Website handover: a better approach

A couple of years ago we took a new approach to training clients when handing over a website. The standard handover procedure sees clients having a sit-down meeting with their web developer, who shows them how to navigate the Content Management System (CMS) to add or update content. This can involve lots of note-taking; and months down the line memories (and notes) can be hazy.

We record a personalised video tutorial, specific to each client's website, stepping through the process of adding and updating content.

The advantages of a video tutorial are numerous - it can be watched, paused, and rewound as many times as necessary. It can also be used as a training tool for new employees, or act as a quick refresher months and even years later.

We make the video accessible via a private link and, as the CMS is extremely intuitive and easy to use, each training video is usually only about 10 minutes long.

We've found this new approach to website training very successful - giving our clients total responsibility for their own website content, at their own pace.

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