Hosting and domain name registration

Fuel's philosophy is about ensuring our clients have complete control of their website, retaining full ownership without vendor lock-in. While we do not provide hosting or domain name services, we can assist with domain name registration and can recommend a suitable hosting package from one of our trusted hosting partners.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the custom address that your website is mapped to (eg.
A URL is the full address for any webpage (eg.

What is hosting?

Purchasing website hosting is simply renting some computer space to hold your website files. These files are hosted on a 'server', which is just a computer hard drive specifically designed to be permanently on, plugged into the internet and accessible by many users simultaneously.

Different hosting packages are available with varying amounts of storage space and bandwidth (bandwidth is the maximum amount of traffic it can handle).

Typically hosting costs somewhere in the region of €130/year including an SSL certificate (making the website available on a secure https address)


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