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Ongoing support: A fair and affordable approach

Every new website comes with 1 month telephone and email support as standard. After that, instead of expensive retainers or annual support contracts, we offer 10hr support bundles at a reduced hourly rate, which means only paying for the time you actually use

We think this is a much better approach and a vastly more affordable solution than offered by most web design agencies.

10 hour package:

For €600 your website will be credited with 10 hours of support.
(€60 per hour, instead of our usual €80 hourly rate)

Each bundle is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase, so there is no fear of paying for something you may not use. The support time can be used for any work related to the completed website, including content and design updates.

As we are not an IT support company, this does not cover email or computer issues, it relates directly to the website. As we do not provide hosting, this does not cover any hosting-related issues or guarantees of uptime.

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