Typical pricing: how much is a website?

Website design and development costs can vary greatly depending on requirements, and your budget will determine what features can be included and how much time can be spent on planning and design.

Custom designed websites result in a completely unique website with a customised modern content management system (CMS); with prices starting from roughly €6,000.

For tighter budgets, Prefab websites are based on choosing from a selection of pre-built templates, saving time on design & development; with prices starting from roughly €3,000.

Our Packages group together some common features for different project types. They should help to outline the process and costs involved in a typical project of that nature, before we discuss a solution specifically designed for your project.

Prefab Website

Starting with a template but adjusting to create a unique look and feel

Custom Designed Website

A custom designed website, with a customised CMS installed
€5000 - €8000

Comprehensive Professional Design & Digital Strategy

UX Wireframes; Style guides; Unique design & CMS customisation

Advanced Functionality

Integrations with other systems; Unique functionality requirements; Advanced Database requirements etc.
€12000 - €16000
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