CMS: about content management systems

A Content Management System (CMS) is a piece of software designed to allow website content to be updated easily through a web interface, without requiring any knowledge of HTML or any other web building technologies.

Having originally designed and built our own system in 2001, called Easyedit, we began looking around for open-source alternatives and in 2008 we made the move to Silverstripe.

Why Silverstripe?

For custom designed websites we believe Silverstripe to be one of the most modern and user friendly content management systems available today. Silverstripe gives us:

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Silverstripe began as proprietary software from a New Zealand based company and that same company still lead the open-source development today, surrounded by an active international community. It is very popular in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is used as the backbone for all New Zealand’s Government websites and on high security projects such as Westpac Bank. In 2008 it was used for Barack Obama’s highly successful 2008 campaign website and has since gone on to win multiple open-source software awards. 


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