Custom designed websites: our process

At Fuel we deliver high-end custom designed websites, unique to each client's needs. Our process can be divided into the following stages:

Stage 1: Research & Discovery | allow min 1 week

At the initial discovery stage, we research different approaches and strategies for acheiving our client's goals and requirements. We carry out industry analysis alongside information architecture (IA) & customer journey mapping to establish our design approach.

Stage 2: Design | allow min 2 weeks

We encourage a collaborative approach and keep in regular contact with clients during this key phase, which concludes with the approval of graphic representations illustrating the layout and design of the key website pages at various screen sizes. 

Stage 3: Development | allow min 2 weeks

With designs approved, we can then start building out the website pages and integrating the content management system (CMS).

Stage 4: Testing & Content Entry | allow min 1 week

We then enter the agreed amount of content and carry out quality assurance tests by checking the new website at multiple screen sizes, across multiple browsers and operating systems.

Additional notes

From the portfolio:

Some recent Custom Designed Websites from our portfolio

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